Sunday, November 26, 2006

"American Gods" by Neil Gaimon

This book was ever so much more serious. My favorite character was
"Whiskey Jack". He seemed to be saying, don't forget the land...
Now I see many polytheists putting gods first before the land. They say we are not
an earth based religion. Hmmm. I seem to remember many of those Pagans in the
past were only quite willing to pollute the earth too just as much as industrialists
today. Now I quite agree "Pagan" is not the best word for us because it is too
broad, vague, and insulting. But I prefer that to "Reconstructionist".
I am not saying the gods are not important. It is high time the monotheists
realize the old gods are being revived again; and that we much prefer the polytheist
way of looking at things. We believe in all of the gods, although we choose to worship a specific pantheon. I am not speaking here of Wiccans and witches, neither of which I know much about. (I am not saying I do not like the Wiccans and witches. I think
we "Recons" owe them a great debt).


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