Monday, February 26, 2007

they was robbed......

Okay, so yes "The Departed" was a well done film and yes Scorsese did deserve his oscar BUT
Bones I gotta pick: In my humble opinion, "Letters of Iwo Jima" deserved best picture of those five nominated (the word nominated should be italisized but I have no idea how to do that).
The reason being- "Children of Men" should have been nominated for best picture
and director. Hell, it should have WON best picture and director. And I loved "El Labyrinto
Del Fauno" very much but cinematogaphy BELONGED to Lubeski. And I know I KNOW
it's not fair because I have not seen either "The Last King of Scotland" or "The Lives of Others"
YET-this week sometime. But I feel deeply Del Toro's film should have won best foreign
language. And not giving O'Toole an award for best actor was downright CRUEL. Damn,
O' Toole is easiest one of the best actors in the world!
"Children of Men" and "El Labyrinto Del Fauno" were hands down the best films of the year. Those films drew me in so I felt I was no longer watching a film I was IN the film.
I think I identified with the characters of Theo and Ofelia and with the films' themes
in general. Personal, political, religious, spiritual, philosophical, artistic...hell the themes
went BEYOND all those and broke all boundaries. I myself grew up like Ofelia
and I myself am trying to act less like Theo in the beginning of the film and more like him later.
Anyway long past bed time.


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