Sunday, December 10, 2006

controversial stuff oh boy what fun...(sob)(snort)

Note:Yes I am Jewish.
A.Lots of neat controversy over Carter's new book Palestine: Peace or Apartheid".
B.Congress just decided not to talk with Hamas? They are terrorists but then so
is Bush why does Congress not see that? That makes them all terrorists too.
C. the whole divestment issue. I KNOW the anti zionists are right now but
deep in my heart I was somehow told anti Israel bashing is same as anti semitism.
I want to write to the papers about that. Ask who is right-the anti zionists
who are anti semitic or the pro Israelis who are racist? If one is never sure
trash both. Also I am toying with the idea of libeling the entire left as anti
I admit I am feeling extremely cruel these days. This is only a reaction
to the real cruelty out there.
A. Baker/Hamilton Iraq study group and Congress what a bunch of traitors.
They talk about a civil war in Iraq but if they are not careful they will have
a cecond American Revolution. People want troops home now. Hey we
can even use the same catchphrase as the last one-no taxation without representation. Ah well.


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