Friday, September 21, 2007


(Little voice inside me-don't show off Jen. Never mind....)
Maybe you've noticed a sea change at this board (god-awful pun).
Lots more stuff about climate change/peak oil. Less meaningless blogs.
And sites which overlap-Di Zerega and John Michael Greer (the Archdruid Report)
write both religious and ecological stuff. A really cool blog by my current
fav writer. And I had to give up a favorite website which has a lot of personal
meaning for me-50 Years Is Enough-because it reminds me of my BankBusters years.
And I would love to put in Joseph Stiglitz and Wangari Maathai, my fav Nobel
prize winners. And as a joke one of my very first favorite websites
when I first got a computer-Ardalambion-for our inner Elves! Wish I had
room for that too.



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