Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is not funny-"Children of Men" about future but seem a lot like today

"Children of Men" is among one of the few films today to tell both the way things are now and what they could become. It says do something now! I wonder if that's why
it is being ignored?
Common criticisms I have heard:
"It's not religious enough like the book". Excuse me I am not even a Christian
and I knew it was a future vision of the Nativity story.
"It doesn't explain things." I love films that don't seek to entertain but
force you to think. ("Picnic On Hanging Rock" hear hear!)
Very well filmed. The art direction was excellent. That and the cinematography completely set the mood. the background set was like a character itself extremely horrifying. It may have been classified as sci fi but like "Syriana" has a realistic
documentary feel.
That's all folks. Viva la Mexico!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Blogger seems to think I am writing poetry!

many thanks to Gaiman and Cauro'n


"Red Sky at Morning"

It's day million of the Iraq war and the skies are getting warmer.
Al Gore stands behind a counter serving up organic meals.
Artichoke dip 50 cents
Hummus 50 cents
There is a line. Cauro'n, del Toro, and Neil Gaiman are part of it.
"What is art? Why is it becoming so religious/political?"
"Why does art hurt so much?"
"It tells the truth."
"It makes you think."
"About how messed up our world is."
Gabe walks in.
"Fly butterfly fly! Before they drag you to Gitmo fly away high away..."
"You deserve Gitmo!" screams a Republican. A nervous Democrat says
"We must be bipartisan."
Something Orwellian about that word.
The Greens and Libertarians line up for veggie burgers but are
too disorganized.
The Democrats and Republicans complain there is no meat and therefore
not enough to feed everyone so something must be cloned.

Sorry. Going through a midlife crisis on art vs. politics. Maybe I can find something that combines the two like journalism, film, travel writing...
I can't wait till "Pan's Labyrinth"! Both "Dream Girls" and "Children
of Men" made me cry.