Friday, May 25, 2007

poem "Face the day"

Get up
be a soldier
face the day
there are things
you must do now
every day

Don't be scared
( I am scared)
don't be angry
( I am angry )
don't despair
( I despair )

I am trying to hope: push
the next generation
through hope maybe things
will not be so bad

But I am angry for
our beautiful Earth

Monday, May 07, 2007

it's the end of the world as we know it

Sorry the long absence. Nothing to say. Now I have plenty.
We are going to need a MASSIVE lifestyle change within next ten years if we are
to survive as a species. Things will get very hard even if we do manage to survive.
I remember in Le Guin's book The Disposessed there is a Terran the main character Shevek
meets who tells him Earth is a ruin. That they had to resort to total centralization
in order to survive. We may have to do that. Though I think this carbon trading stuff is
cr#p. We also need to do a lot of local organizing.
As I have no money now ( I spent it all on reunion trip to College of the Atlantic and two
musical instruments, a guitar and mountain dulcimer ) no trips in coming year except the usual
to the Vineyard and Springfield. I hope to get a full time job and maybe be a landlord for a while.
But I still hope to move to Madison not just to relax but to learn about co-op life. I am not sure I am accomplishing anything here. Although it was very good to attend Somerville Conversations as it showed the importance of passing on hope to next generations
and to listen that they needed more empowerment.

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