Friday, September 21, 2007


(Little voice inside me-don't show off Jen. Never mind....)
Maybe you've noticed a sea change at this board (god-awful pun).
Lots more stuff about climate change/peak oil. Less meaningless blogs.
And sites which overlap-Di Zerega and John Michael Greer (the Archdruid Report)
write both religious and ecological stuff. A really cool blog by my current
fav writer. And I had to give up a favorite website which has a lot of personal
meaning for me-50 Years Is Enough-because it reminds me of my BankBusters years.
And I would love to put in Joseph Stiglitz and Wangari Maathai, my fav Nobel
prize winners. And as a joke one of my very first favorite websites
when I first got a computer-Ardalambion-for our inner Elves! Wish I had
room for that too.


Monday, September 03, 2007

I am crying...and trying to smile

Hmmm. Too much happening. The worst: climate change, Iran and Iraq, hatred
of politics, fires in Greece, 2nd anniversary of Katrina, I need a job, I nearly
broke this wrist I am printing this with

Amusing: feeding three cats and a rabbit while the owners are away. Buns is the
rabbit. He scares the kitten. Nicky is the orange striped tabby kitten who is
very gentle except when challenged by Pichune. I can't spell the French. "Pichune'
means "little cutie". Pichune is the young cat, a silver striped tabby who no longer
acts like his name-he is a killer and rather fierce. When he was a kitten he used to try and bite people all the time when he was patted. Willow is the old black cat
who likes to guard the front porch. He is quite possibly the laziest cat I have
ever known. And he talks-I am serious. I actually can tell what he means.

Saw "Nuevomondo". My candidate allready for best foreign film best cinematography,
best art direction, and costumes.
In hope, Jen

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