Thursday, July 19, 2007

Resisting Environmental Destruction On Indigenous Lands (REDOIL)

From an interview with Faith Gemill at the US Social Forum:

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day?

1. "Immigration reform" bill is dead. Well Bush was not very clear on it at all.
and the guest worker program sucked. but to round up illegal immigrants like they
are sh*t is inhumane.
2. Less diversity in schools? Hello- that will only lead to segregation. And I know how
deeply racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, pro war, pro corporate, the people are.

A message to all candidates and political parties: Dems and Repubs; if you want to be taken
seriously abolish free trade which is actually not free and completely unsustainable. Please
abolish NAFTA, all corporations, the World Trade Organization, the International
Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. You might find as you do this that almost all
problems in the world will be solved as almost all issues are linked to free trade.
( I am reluctant to put racism-sexism-homophobia under that category; those issues
perhaps belong in the "assinine- ideas- left- over- from- the- hunter-gatherer-
days- that- we- still- hav'nt- gotten- rid- of". )
Alternative parties: Hey I really love y'all especially the Green Party but unless you
are running a deadly serious candidate who knows all of the issues (including above
mentioned for major parties), and unless you clean up your act and become more organized
(hear hear my fellow Greenies whom I love so much) then what the hell are you doing
running a candidate for president? Stick to running for Congress so we can get the a-holes
out. In fact-
Skip that. the climate change scientists are saying we have ten years before the course of the planet is bad or worse. (It's bad enough already.) Now I know WE MUST NOT
EXPECT A SAVIOR PRESIDENT. I also figure the next president no matter which party
IS GONNA GET CREAMED for following Bush and too high expectations.
Problem: On account of Mother Earth we are gonna need HIGH expectations.
I feel sorry for that person who will "win" the presidency.
I really have no faith in any political party, any form of government, and am thinking of
seriously voting either NOTA or not voting at all. Probably the latter. I hate politics.

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Happy Fourth!!!!

So happy to see Libby let off the hook by Bush. So happy to see two decisions passed, one
to keep the nasty illegal aliens out; one to keep pure white Aryans separate from those
other nasty races.
I mean really, those people who believe in global warming. They're a bit fried in
the head. Everyone knows it's sunspots.